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Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is all about prevention. It looks at absolutely everything in the software development process and closely monitors and improves it. This includes requirements tracking and tracing, design reviews, defect tracking, testing, communication and more. SQA ensures standards and procedures are followed and that any problems are found and addressed so that software products are delivered on time, on budget and free of errors.

To assist testers, developers and managers with this practice, Testdog.com has put together the following recommended tools, articles and other resources on this topic:

Recommended Articles:

“Lessons Learned in Software Quality Assurance”
- Software Tech News

“Software Errors: Prevention and Detection"
- MacTech.com

“Why Software Quality Stinks"
- CIO Magazine

Other Recommended Resources:

– Over 50 forums that cover almost every area of software testing, quality assurance and quality engineering.

– Online quality assurance and software testing links directory.

Software Development Magazine
- Often has good articles on software QA and testing.

– Software quality assurance testers community and portal.

– From the editors of Better Software magazine, a comprehensive software testing resource site with articles, news, information on software testing and quality engineering, books, tools, conferences, message boards.








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